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queens & Kings Master course
all 4 braiding syles

The master class is an 7.5 hour course where you will be learn 4 braiding styles, form knotless braids to cornrows, feed-in braids and box braids. Product knowledge, Hair parting tips, different types of braiding hair, sanitation plus a braiding kit is include in the package.

Box Braids Course

Learn the neat and clean methods of Box Braiding through hands on use of the mannequin heads. Learn to parting methods of the hair, use of rubber band method, and gripping techniques to prevent hair loss. You will also learn how to portion hair, control the tension, how to protect your edges. With the right amount of practice you will be braiding like the pros.

knotless Braids course

Box braids are a 3 strand braid. Synthetic pieces of hair are fed into the braid to create a knotless effect. In this class you will learn: -Parting techniques. -Installation of hair extensions to form a braid. - The proper sealing of finished braids. - Product knowledge and more! Perfect for beginners! Included

Cornrows Course

Cornrows are the foundation to alot of hairstyles. Learn cornrows and you are able to create sew-ins, crochet braids, feed-in braids PLUS MORE!! In this class you will learn the basics of cornrowing; how to hold the hair between your fingers, picking up hair as you braid, and forming a cornrow. This class is hands on and perfect for beginners! (NO hair extensions added).

Feed-In-Braids Course

Learn to braid as if they are directly from the scalp. You will learn the safety and sanitary processes coupled with pre-parting techniques. Learn to care and maintain the braids so that have lasting beauty. With the right amount of practice you will be doing feed-in braiding like the pros.

Locks Course

Learn how to start and maintain locks. With the varying types of textures you will understand the different techniques with hands on training on a mannequins. You will learn placement, sectioning, sizing, re-sectioning. You will also learn to care and maintain your locks in a healthy and clean state. With the right amount of practice you will be creating Locks like the pros.

Crochet Braiding Course

We will go step by step, coupled with a mannequin head for in course practice integrated with lecture. You will learn how to add hair, braiding foundations and various Crochet installations which you can use with various stylings. With the right amount of practice you will be Crocheting like the professionals.

Private Braiding Course

One on one sessions for the braid style of your choice that allows the atmosphere for full focus of the training. Allows the trainee to get a visual and hands on techniques with the show and tell method of the trainers guidance. This will add to your confidence and mastery levels coupled with in home practice you will begin to be comfortable using your craft.

Mommy & Me Course
daddy & me course

This is an amazing way to bound with your teen side by side learn braiding techniques mothers and Daughter, or Father and Daughter. This course is for Children ages 5 to 12 Proof of child's age is required. we offer a master braiding course well or each techniques individual which ever one works for you.

queens &Kings Braiding training is here for you!

new braiding course coming soon

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